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  • Commodities & Grains, Sugar (VHP Brown & White) , Rice (Different Grades & Varieties)

  • Building Materials - We can Supply White and Gray cement, steel bars, Stell billets, Ceramic tiles , etc...

  • Fresh Fruites, Vegetables, Herbs & Spices :
    We can supply Season Fruits and Vegetables of Egyptian & African Origin as well

  • Bitumen & Petroleum Materials :
    We can supply Bitumen of different grades (60/70, 80/100) and other petroleum products

  • Flax Fibers:
    Shareholders in The Biggest Flax Factory in Egypt, We can supply all kinds of flax fibers

  • Textiles & Linen:
    OAKWOODE GROUP is also shareholder in Factory for Textiles & Linen products (100% Egyptian origin)

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OAKWOODE GROUP operates its activities in Import/ Export Business, shipping & logistics between Egypt, U.K, East African & East European Countries, And Arab Countries. OAKWOODE GROUP main activity is Export of Egyptian & Worldwide Strategy Commodities Products to various countries worldwide with focus on African, East Europe and Arabian Markets.

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OAKWOODE GROUP has grown as a Professional traders & A Reputable Agency, Representing Manufacturers from Egypt & Many Other African Countries & Exports their Products under Supervision by Our Dynamic, Ambitious, Efficient, and Bouncy Team Work, whom is that Complies with Our Clients Requirements & among the Top Ranked, Most Selective Business in Egypt.

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